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Welcome to Big Rob Children Book Production. Our team engages with you if you have an idea or a book, ensuring your unique story is beautifully communicated. We offer assistance in all aspects of creating, publishing, and marketing the books. As a result, we ensure your book receives the visibility it deserves.

Detail Illustration

Communicate your exceptional story with high-definition illustrations. We go step by step one on one conversation with a developer.


Give your book visibility in the literary world. You wouldn't want to write your book and then keep it in the closet that's where marketing comes in handy.

World wide Distribution & Book Printing

We also know that success in children's books are based on where they can be found. we have a distribution channel to get your books

Do you want to create or publish your book? We are here to help you. With Big Rob Children Book Production, you will get a chance to make your dreams come true. In addition to publishing, we will also do marketing for your book.


Asadah loves lip gloss. She is all excited and ambitious about starting her own business. She works hard on it day in and day out to make its quality stand out. Her parents believe in her and support her dream to come true. With her parents’ help, Asadah can complete all formalities and start her company. Asadah finds what she wants to do in her life and is happy.

Robert Hayes Foundation

The Robert Hayes Foundation was started after the senseless killing of 19-year-old Robert Hayes. The Author Robert Carpenter father of young Robert began to write as a hobby, to keep his mind clear of the tragedy of losing his only son. Big Rob started the Big Rob Series to raise funds to help underserved children.

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