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Robert Hayes Foundation

The Robert Hayes Foundation was started after the senseless killing of 19-year-old Robert Hayes. The Author Robert Carpenter father of young Robert began to write as a hobby, to keep his mind clear of the tragedy of losing his only son. Big Rob started the Big Rob Series to raise funds to help underserved children.


The H.R.A.P Group under the Robert Hayes foundation has come together to put a seven chapter curriculum to help individuals to reach their highest potential the goal is to give life skill tools through the curriculum and for each participant to reach his or her highest potential. The Robert Hayes foundation purpose is to create change, with the help of the community we hope to give each child a chance.

Life Skills to NJ Inmates


A person without life skills has no skills. The honest reality about a person.

Generating excitement

When men and women can see change, then they make a change.

life Building

Building Lives through Life Skills

RH Foundation

Electrical online course

The RH Foundation Electrical apprentice program. The 3 months electrical on line program prepares the candidate to be a certified electrical apprentice. Each individual will receive live instruction online with a certified Electrical Instructor with 10 or more years of experience. once completed we will help with resume building and job placement

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RH Foundation Team

Chief Of Staff Robert Carpenter

Author Robert Carpenter is a devoted and loving father of two, Asadah and Lil Rob Jr. The Big Rob children books series is designed to inspire parents to become more engaged with their children through the wonderful world of books. The Big Rob series is an arm of the Robert Hayes Foundation, which seeks to promote literacy programs within underserved communities. A portion of all book proceeds will be used to support underserved children.

Rebecca Johnson

The ups and downs of Rebecca Johnson, the members at the RHFoundation understand how life can be and how life skills will change you.

Travis Cains

Life after my best friend and soul brother George Floyd by Travis Cains, Director of the State of Texas

Omar Shabazz

New Director. Mr. Shabazz will be overseeing the life skill program in the state of New Jersey. listen to his story.

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