Big Rob Children Books/ Audio Books

By Author Robert Carpenter

Children’s book author Robert Carpenter talks about the problems of the underserved communities and how they are treated in society. He focuses on the challenges faced by the people of color every day. In this podcast he explores the lives of Black children, and discusses sports, science, and everyday experiences. He is also author of The Big Rob series of children’s books. These books cover a wide range of topics that people of color often face, such as unfair treatment in sports, police brutality, childbirth, and relationships and most importantly education.

Join us as we read the Big Rob books and introduce your child to amazing stories from the real-life heroes around them that will broaden their understanding

Asadah All About Her Business

Asadah loves lip gloss. She is all excited and ambitious about starting her own business. She works hard on it day in and day out to make its quality stand out. Her parents believe in her and support her dream to come true. With her parents' help, Asadah can complete all formalities and start her company. Asadah finds what she wants to do in her life and is happy.

Big Rob the Electrician

Big Rob and the kids create a new electrical outlet in the playroom. The kids learned about different electrical types of equipment and amazed their dad big rob with their exceptional knowledge. The combined efforts and exceptional work of the kids made Big Rob proud.

Basketball to Dentist

The life journey of Dr. Spell from taking up basketball as a hobby to following his passion to become a dentist. Dr. Spell has overcome every life obstacle with hard work and ease. We've got a lot to learn from his journey. His journey teaches us everything that is possible in life if we are willing to do everything that it takes.

Mommy What's Racism

Asadah comes back from school and asks her mom about racism. Big Rob and his wife got a little worried and had a family meeting where they educated children.

I’m Not Your Nigga

Some words must never be used. How the word nigga has destroyed a race and how no one should use it. At all. A lesson for the young and strong at heart.

Power Of Words

A story about the Power of Words. The book teaches a child that what they say can affect a person and use your words carefully.

Everybody Eat by Muscle team Fuzz

Big Rob production and muscle team fuzz production. A great superhero story of a record executive and recording artist, Fuzz, who created a song called Everybody Eat.

Asadah Visits University Hospital

Asadah is ready to take up a new adventure of visiting the university hospital. She's nervous and excited about learning new skills. The kids in the hospital perform different tasks like helping elderly people sit on wheelchairs, putting band-aids on, etc. She tries to make everybody laugh and happy. Later on they celebrate Asadah's achievement at home.

The story of Alex Hooper overcoming life struggles

Alex Hooper and Author Robert Carpenter collaborated to present a great story about the journey that Alex took to become who he is today. A student athlete at Winston Salem State University and great father shares his ups and downs he took to reach his goals coming out of the Harlem River projects. Alex shares in his children's book small stories to encourage young people

The National reading problem in Black communities

The goal is to inform and change the reading level for men and women of color. Listen in as Author Robert Carpenter shares some stories of men and women who fail to master the English language and their struggle.

Black Children should read

Author Robert Carpenter speaks on the importance of reading and educating our black and brown children why they should read ab=nd how reading is the key to success. tune in

TALK ON family Relationships

Author Robert Carpenter talks about family relationships in Black communities.

Relationships part 1

Author Robert Carpenter and co-host speaks on the steps that are taken to have a healthy relationship. part 1

Behind the Mask

Author Robert Carpenter, Marcus Flander, and pastor Charles speak on living behind a mask. How people try to be something that they are not.

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